Freek van Polen

Researcher / Developer

I have been involved with the development of Sense from the beginning, and have been mainly responsible for all MyriaNed related activities of Sense.

These include our activities in the field of climate monitoring in greenhouses and offices, indoor localization and recognition of activities of daily life.

Additionally, I'm involved in DevLab as a member of the Technical Committee, and handle a lot of the communication with the Hogeschool Rotterdam. I still handle some research projects for Almende which focus on Wireless Sensor networks.

Finally, I organize the half-yearly participation of the Almende group in a running event.

I have a bachelors' degree in Information Science and a masters' degree in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence from the University of Utrecht. I graduated in 2008 with a thesis on applying spiking neural networks to wireless sensor networks to perform tracking and tracing.

Upon graduating I joined Almende as a junior researcher in the field of wireless sensor networks, handling all research projects concerned with MyriaNed, the wireless sensor network developed within Devlab.

In my spare time, I like to play computer games, soccer (table-, indoor- or outdoor-), and the bass guitar.