with PsyQ and ASK Community Systems Goalie monitors the mood and behaviour of patients with depression-related disorders and helps them set and reach goals towards recovery.

The Goalie app helps patients with ADHD, depression and anxiety-related disorders to collect information about their mood, behaviour and well-being. This information provides their caregiver with a better insight into their condition than monthly or weekly check-ups. Goalie is used in goal-oriented therapy, where it helps patients to set and achieve goals towards recovery.


Goalie collects information about:

  • mood 
  • substances used (such as alcohol, coffee, medication)
  • social interactions
  • (physical) activities

Some data is collected automatically through the smartphone's sensors. Think of social interactions (phone calls, proximity to other phones), and physical activity (movement, location). Other information is collected manually, by asking the patient to enter their mood with the help of the emoticon.

Goal-oriented approach

Goalie is used to support goal-oriented therapy. The application is configured by a therapist, who (together with the patient) sets simple, short-term goals, such as "go to bed early", "exercise twice a week", "eat regularly". Goalie encourages the patient to reach these goals through positive feedback and timely reminders.

About Goalie

Goalie was developed in collaboration with ASK Community Systems and PsyQ. The emoticon is based on the "affect button", which was developed by the Man-Machine Interfaces group at Delft University of Technology.

Download our whitepaper here.

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