Health Care

Deliver the best care possible by gathering valuable, real-time patient data. Most people only consider their health when they have yearly check-ups, and only visit the doctor when symptoms occur. But proper health care depends on having a complete picture of vital signs, emotions and behaviour. Measuring not just once in a while, but all the time.

Sense can support patients and care professionals, by gathering all the data necessary for proper health care and disease prevention. CommonSense is equipped to collect data from all kinds of networked biomedical sensors.

Another valuable source of information is the patient's smartphone. People carry these sensor-rich devices with them all the time, which means that they can provide a lot of useful data on activities, social interactions, and even feelings.

CommonSense offers intelligent algorithms that interpret the raw sensor data, in order to recognize patterns and significant deviations. CommonSense is an open platform, which means that you can develop your own widgets and algorithms to suit your needs.

Health Care partners:

  • ASK Community Systems
  • LUMC
  • Lumens Groep
  • PsyQ
  • Ecare Services
  • Instituut voor Evidence-Based Medicine voor Ouderen
  • Pulsetracks
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